What’s Your Honor?

It was time for the kids’ periodic reporting of honors.

In order to motivate the kids to strive for academic excellence, I have promised them incentives if they reach a certain spot in their class honor rolls.

Bethany: I am second honor!

Me: Very good! You get your roller blades.

Salma: I am third honor!

Me: Wow! You get your new shoes.

Nikki: I am fifth honor

Me: Yey! You get your new dress.

Zion suddenly appeared and I asked him what his honor was. All the kids yelled at the same time,

”He has no honor!” (pun unintended)

Zion protested very loudly.

Zion: I have honor! I have honor!

Me: What’s your honor?

Very convinced with himself, he answered without skipping a beat…

I wonder what incentive that merits.


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