Hair Color and Money Care

Just before we slept last night, my husband excitedly uttered his news.

Him: I found a voucher for you! You can have your hair colored. The salon is in the mall so it’s nice.

I asked him how much it was. It was fairly cheap so I said ok.

Him: You can also have your money-care.

I was silent for a while thinking of what he meant. Did he want me to send money? Or open a bank account?

Me: What’s money-care?

Him: (Slowly) Mow-neey-care.

Me: Mowney-care?

Him: Mowney-care and pedi-care!

I burst out laughing! Oh, he was still talking about the salon! I kept on giggling as he repeated the words over and over, realizing there was something wrong in them. I didn’t help at all. We slept without him getting it right and me with an evil grin plastered on my face.

Still, he is so sweet thinking of my hair and fingernails and toenails.

I do hope he figures out the right words.

Me, I’m looking forward to my mowney-care and pedi-care!

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8 thoughts on “Hair Color and Money Care

  1. Ay apo lawa eman ading! never mind the pronouncation what is important is that, he cares for you, your hair and nails…So sweet…I love you brother Sam for that treat .


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