How to Be a Good Hater

I get very excited when I have haters. They make blogging very exciting.

So remember this post I wrote months ago, when I bought a seemingly BIG wall clock…

And it was actually this small:

Someone stumbled upon the post and sent me a comment:

I am a very helpful person. Because I love haters, I’m giving away a free tutorial!


1. DO leave your name.

Haters who comment anonymously are without guts. Thumbs up to this guy who is full of glory!

2. DO comment with proper grammar.

Apart from a word or two, this one passed.

3. DO search the dictionary when using ”big” words.

“It was your problem for imagining the sizes.”

IMAGINING – Verb; the act of forming new ideas or images of external objects not present to the senses. The 3 advertisement pictures above, in full color, with furniture and all, leave no room for imagination.

4. DON’T leave a hint about who you are.

Are you a ”successful” person in Dubai who spends time commenting and spewing dirty words on blogs? (Tapping side of the nose)

5. DON’T give advice that rarely works.

Raise your hand if you’re a person who tried to return a merchandise online and it took eternity for your purchase problems to be resolved.

6. DON’T flatter the blogger too much.

”…you have nothing to do except publish bad things about people”

This hater has gone through my entire blog to come up with this conclusion. He must be my number one fan now! High five for all the hits.

Don’t you just love haters?

Any other counsel and guidance you could share to haters out there? Leave a reply!




One thought on “How to Be a Good Hater

  1. This is funny. I can relate you know. Online products will be exchanged after so many months of follow-up and angry emails especially here in UAE where customer service sucks!!!!!!!


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