Sheba (Chapter 2)

Chapter 1 here.

Lola went straight to her bedroom. She was easily tired nowadays. Her aching back had lessened her time running around with the little ones. She closed her eyes and thought about the ”terrible twins” as the aunties called them.

Sheba and JM arrived at the same day – one baby from the arms of a despairing father, the other baby left at the doorstep that rainy afternoon. Six new babies came that week but the two stood out from the rest.

They slept and woke up at the same hours and when one cried the other cried. The only thing that could make them stop is placing them side by side and rocking them together to sleep.

Sheba learned to walk first. She’d wobbled around JM until she tumbled over him. He’d struggle to get her off and both would end up twisting and laughing in pain.

They were inseparable. When he finally started to walk, they both had a game only they enjoyed. They would stand in front of the living room wall and Sheba, who always went first, would push JM to the wall. After he falls down on the floor he’d stand up and in turn shove an excited Sheba to the wall. After half an hour of squealing “me, me!” they’d end up with bruises on their arms, hills on their heads and satisfied grins on their faces.

Whenever the children were rounded up for baked goodies, JM always made sure Sheba got her share. The two would then settle in the front doorstep and munch on their treats. Chocolate cookies were JM’s favorite and when Sheba got one and he didn’t, an habitual trading occurred.

Last week, the cookies ran out just as it was JM’s turn to have one. The aunties gave him a bag of candies instead. JM walked away with a sad face. Out in the front doorsteps, Sheba patiently waited for him, resting on her lap was her chocolate cookie broken into two.

Lola wiped away a tear. Her heart broke at the thought of them being separated.

The door slowly opened and a little face peered in. Lola smiled and signaled her to come in. Sheba ran into her arms and nestled her head against her. JM, who as always followed behind, snuggled in. Lola cuddled the soft bundles together and embraced the moment.

Tomorrow, it was time for them to go.

To be continued.


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