Sheba (Chapter 3)

Chapter 2 here.

A big yellow jeep came to take Sheba for a ride. She quickly climbed into the front seat, fascinated with the new visitor’s ride. Lola gave her a big kiss and each of the aunties hugged her tightly. She waved in glee as the jeep slowly sped away. The aunties waved back with misty eyes.

An hour later, a smiling couple came and gifted JM with a huge red balloon. Captivated with his new toy, he didn’t mind Lola and the aunties kissing him on his cheeks. Lola handed over a little duffel bag to the couple who led a skipping JM to their car filled with more fascinating toys.

JM and his new parents have long gone but Lola and the aunties quietly stood outside staring at the empty gate, tears falling down their faces. All of them whispered the same prayer.

”Let them meet again someday.”

Screams and laughter from the big house brought them back to reality. One by one they walked back in to where 3 dozen more children awaited them.

A few weeks have passed and new babies, toddlers and kids arrived. The aunties were running everywhere with soiled diapers and hot bottles. Lola marched around to pacify tantrums and discipline trouble-makers. The busily merry noise of the big house continued.

In a kitchen of a nearby town, a little girl huddled under the table rocking herself back and forth, back and forth, waiting, waiting.

Oceans away, in a doorstep of a house surrounded by a white picket fence, a little boy, cookie in hand, sat alone on the doorstep whispering…

‘’Sheba… Sheba…Sheba.’’



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