Happy One Year Lawsuit Anniversary

In less than a week, I will be celebrating one year of taking the plunge.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wore that white dress and awkwardly walked down the path to forevermore.

I was looking forward to this one-year-end celebration, to spend time with the man I love deeper now than a year ago. I have reserved this time to finally sit down and have our final picks for our wedding videos and album, a task that had been waiting to be done since the day they were taken. Most of all, I was so excited to plan our DIY trip to Istanbul as our anniversary gift to each other.

But instead of going through photos of my dancing bridesmaids and non-flying lanterns, I have been poring over case files and legal procedures 101. Instead of comparing booking prices for hotels in Turkey, I am forced to compare exorbitant prices of lawyers. Instead of basking in a year of loving memories, we are tracing footsteps and memories of a bitter person whose conscious or subconscious goal is to ruin our marriage.

On top of our tickets to Turkey, which we so earnestly saved up for, is an unmerited travel ban document.  My heart is crushed and I can’t help being infuriated at this person I have never met and have no interest in until she decided she wanted to be the center of our universe and made false allegations and unjust vexation against us.

I cringe at the thought that a fellow citizen could do something like this. We are all but aliens in this foreign country and the least we can do is fight for, not against each other. It’s a real shame, especially for a trivial case like this.

I trust that God is in control. Like how He made the waves calm on my wedding day, He will give me the peace I need amidst this storm. His vindication is the sweetest revenge.

Looking back, my one year of marriage was a blissful and a blessed one. I have no right to complain. This is but one trial that will make our second year of marriage stronger and more exciting. God’s grace will see us through.

Please pray for us and for people who could help us.


23 thoughts on “Happy One Year Lawsuit Anniversary

  1. Violet, I don’t quite understand your problem, but my prayer goes out to you and your DH. Devil often attacks the family first and am sure God is going to turn this test into a testimony for you. Wishing you a blessed anniversary and may you have many more year of togetherness..let us know how you get on or if you need any help


  2. yeah that’s a heavy one Violet but don’t worry with God there’s always justice… all things will work together…. ill be praying …


  3. Hope you will find one. Will include you in my prayers. Be of courage God will never leave us


  4. So sorry to hear of this kind of drama in your life, Violet. 😦 I pray your anniversary will improve as the day goes on. Love you.


  5. Romans 12:19–21

    Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave itto the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” 20 To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


  6. “God is sovereign over all the earth. We may wonder at the strange or even terrifying turns our lives take, but we can be certain that He is in control and at work. The wicked may triumph for a season, but the final, eternal victory belongs to Christ and His righteous followers.” Praying for you always ate Vio.. we miss you a lot:(..
    __HAPPY Anniversary po! love you ate^^__


    1. Russel? Aww.. I miss you so much. I badly wish you were all here.. I know, it’s hard to be far away especially in times like this. Keep praying for us orayt. I pray for you and airyl everytime 🙂


  7. Ohhh…so sad to learn about this. We will pray for you and your husband. We are sure that you will be able to surpass this trial. God is great, all the time.

    Happy Anniversary!


  8. Hi Cha, forgive the intrusion (saw your ‘like’ in your friends page)… but I just had to say something …While I do not know the details…I know the feeling of being robbed of dreams (even lives), by despicable people hiding behind the legal system even the church…also the pain of recalling the details of a situation/person you’d rather forget and move on is torture. The legal procedure, is painful….but like your friend ‘Violet’ said, we’re not really complaining, we learned a lesson, it could be worse and we’re doing something about it, without having to sink to down to her level. It’s just, ‘how can someone who is a friend do this ?) It was our Canada migration money she took (along with a few other old peoples retirement money, and another victimized family…not counting her past cases (one is illegal recruiting, the other is fraud committed towards sister of her brother in law, with warrant of arrest but dismissed because she’d just post bail, Philippine justice at work)). Families are broke and heart broken by the betrayal of this ‘friend’ . But we are not giving up…I read somewhere, ‘those who have the ability to act have the responsibility to act’. There are consequences for what she did. We will act, They will life straight to your face (important to have paper-works) and make you the bad person just because she goes to church religiously (or so she says) We are preparing for the worse, because for the life of us we just can’t understand how her criminal mind works and therefore we must assume she will tell (and will fail because its built on lies) half truths, twisted truths and things nowhere near the truth, banking on our country’s corruption. She has a history of drugs and while we are scared, we are not backing away from this fight. She entered our world. Anyway this is turning into a novel..what I really wanted to say is while this episode is on-going with no closure in sight yet…everyday I fear and fight not to lose myself. To be engulfed by anger that love is lost… what I fear and fight everyday is not to lose that love, for my daughter, wife, and other loved ones and LIFE…we pray (what little times we do) we won’t turn into monsters bent on revenge and distrusting new people because of her. We’re hoping to become better people after this, because they can really bring out the bad in us . We hope for strength and wisdom and peace for you and your husband and family also, Happy Anniversary !

    PS. my apologies again for posting while not being in your group.


    1. Hi anonymous 🙂

      I appreciate greatly you taking time to respond to this post. I feel your sentiments and now I understand more about how people who have been abused legally feel.

      It’s true, you get consumed with hatred and anger… I agree with you, I too pray that I do not turn into a monster as we face this case.

      Dear God, I pray for him and his family and his case. I pray you lead them to the path of righteousness and give them the justice they had been deprived of. And help us all to be better people and not bitter, to come out of this issues with stronger hearts and kinder spirit. In Christ name. Amen.


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