Corporate Games Women’s Football Day 1

The last time our team played in an official tournament, we were the underdogs. After being slaughtered goal after goal, the desire to be better players was firmly planted in each of us.

Except for me and Imen (Top right), all of these girls are full time Etihad Cabin Crew. Imen and I are full time supermodels. Haha.

Coach Ben wasn’t there because it was a Ladies-only event, meaning no cute boys allowed. I had to shoo my husband home too. I wasn’t very happy about that but what can I do.

For a team who never had the chance (not even once) to train together with complete members, blame that on flight rosters that scatter everybody around the globe, we joined this years’ Corporate Games with low expectations but very high enthusiasm.

Sophie, our superstar striker

Marie, our sensational winger

Ana and Ines, defense and forward unite

Cathy, our smashing goalkeeper

Imen, the boss of the defensive field

Smithy, the glorious all-around player

The legs

The games started and we won our very first match. It was shocking and historical!

Then we won our second game! We were emotional!

And we won our third game! It was sensational!

We won all our games that day. It was electrifying!

I find it unfair that after a game, they all look so pretty and fab while I look puffy, red and abnormal. Sheesh Asian.

Going home…

and making a few stops…

We all hoped the next day would be as victorious as today.


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