Bangrak Spa & Massage Bangkok

Starting since 2012, Bangrak Spa & Massage is in a 5-story building which makes it possible to serve individual and group customers as much as 100 people at a time.

Ok, thanks for being clear.

bangkokspa (2)

Thai massage has always been at the top of my relaxation list. It’s the kind of massage that relaxes and stretches my football-beaten body. Coming to a real Thai spa with real Thai masseurs, I was looking forward to a Thaiwonderful experience.

bangkokspa (3)

bangkokspa (4)

The place was huge!

bangkokspa (5)

My room was a bit stuffy and sad. The shower was old and rusty. The bed sheets were unkempt and a bit dusty.

bangkokspa (6) bangkokspa (7)

I was so disappointed with my massage. I felt it was incomplete and mediocre. Though it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t remarkable as well. Maybe Tonton’s Thai Massage in the Philippines has raised my standards so high.

bangkokspa (8)

But it’s still a massage, I felt relaxed after and I was grateful. It was a good ending after that long temple walk.

bangkokspa (9)

Here’s Hatem, a happy customer. Maybe his masseur was spectacular.

bangkokspa (10)

Do I recommend this?

I could give them one more chance.

2 thoughts on “Bangrak Spa & Massage Bangkok

  1. Wooooooh! Authentic Thai massage and place! Dreams do come true! Minsan nga lang mas masarap yung dream kesa sa reality…. hehehe! Baka naman may ibang venue na mas ok pa massage nila or ambiance or whatever you were dreaming of?


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