Kuala Lumpur: Central Market and the Tropical Spa


Coming down from the caves, we asked to be dropped off at the Central Market.

“The Central Market began life as a wet market in 1888. Built by Yap Ah Loy, the city’s Chinese Kapitan, it served as a prominent landmark in colonial and modern-day Kuala Lumpur.”


Kuala-Lumpur-Central-Market (3) DCIM100GOPRO

A lot of things to see and buy here. We were on budget travel so our guiding principle was, “Is it a need or a want?” The only things we bought were a few cheap souvenirs and food.


Chicken mushroom egg claypot, yummy!
Kuala-Lumpur-Central-Market (6)

We slowly walked home, breathing in as much of the city as we can.
Kuala-Lumpur-Central-Market (7)It’s funny how a lot of their words have similarities to the Filipino language and dialects.

Kuala-Lumpur-Central-Market (8)

Some interesting signs…Kuala-Lumpur-Central-Market (9)

We had a few more hours left before heading to the airport. What to do? We headed to the spa located behind our hotel.

Kuala-lumpur-the-tropical-spa (1)

The Tropical Spa in Jalan Alor carries the fusion concept of reflexology massage & spa treatment. The ambiance was intimate but a bit spooky at first.

Kuala-lumpur-the-tropical-spa (2)

Gladly, their staff were friendly and had very skillful hands. Kuala-lumpur-the-tropical-spa (3)

I had a better Thai massage here than in Bangkok, Thailand. Haha. We had sore muscles from all the hiking and walking of the past days and we danced out of those doors feeling light and relaxed.

Kuala-lumpur-the-tropical-spa (4)



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