Somboondee Seafood Bangkok

We were so famished after the temple tour we could eat a horse… but we went hunting for crabs instead.

The place was empty except for us.seafoodbangkok (2)

The food took forever to be served so I did my usual toilet “inspection”.

seafoodbangkok (3)

Toilet was very clean. I love that Thai restrooms smell like beauty spas and massage parlors.

seafoodbangkok (4) Lunch is served!seafoodbangkok (5)


seafoodbangkok (6)

Fried squid in salted egg

seafoodbangkok (7)

Pineapple rice!

seafoodbangkok (8)

This is so far the best rice-combination I’ve tasted in my life.

seafoodbangkok (9) seafoodbangkok (10)

I was so impressed with the rice.

seafoodbangkok (11)

The shrine outside the restaurant

seafoodbangkok (12)

Food was good, service was bad and price was a bit high.

seafoodbangkok (13)

Would I recommend this?


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