Three Tips When Touring Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Destination: Grand Palace Bangkok
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Even if it is a tourist place, the temples in the grand palace have real worshipers going inside. Decent clothing is a sign of respect.

If you’re not properly dressed, you can rent sarong pants or beach shirts outside the gate for 30 Thai Baht plus 100 to 200 Thai Baht as deposit fee, refundable upon return of clothes.

The bad side is you have very few options and you might end up with pants that don’t fit you or look funny on you. Then all your temple pictures would look funny.

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I was actually wearing a very thin top over my sleeveless shirt because it was a sweltering hot day. I was told that my shirt’s neckline wasn’t acceptable because it was below the collar bone. However, my only option from the clothes-for-rent was a man’s beach shirt that was double my size.

I didn’t want horrible pictures of me in this place. I refused to wear that shirt and instead tied my top from the neck.

Voila! Problem solved! Imagine my pictures if I chose to wear that man shirt.


The Grand palace compound has very minimal shade. It is open only between 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM so be prepared to meet the fury of the sun. On a very hot and humid day, not even an umbrella can save you from being sweaty, sticky and sizzling. Come in comfy and breezy clothes and bring your own water.

The crowd also adds to the sizzle. As one blogger shares, “The whole compound is always full of tourists and the Thai faithful. You spend a lot of time trying to avoid getting in other people’s photographs or waiting for people to get out of yours.”

Look out for crazy-cute photo bombers! 🙂



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All you do in this place is walk, walk, take pictures, walk, walk, take pictures, walk and walk some more. I wore wedges and my feet died. Enough said.

Happy touring!


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