Kuala Lumpur: DragonBack Trek (Part 1)



The first time I found this online, I brushed it off.

I wasn’t too sure I wanted to climb a mountain in Kuala Lumpur. But every time I went online to search for things to do in the city, I found myself always going back to this.

I consulted my sister and she was up for it. Once a mountain girl, always a mountain girl. We contacted the tours late at night and instantly got a reply from Amos. It was meant to be!

We left the hotel at 6:30 AM.

Amos, our tour guide, picked us up and drove us to the foot of the mountain. He showed us where we were headed and I was so eager to get started.


The adventure begins!open-sky-unlimited (3)

Meet Lisa, our trek-mate from Canada.

open-sky-unlimited (4) open-sky-unlimited (5)

We started before the sun came up and was able to look down at the city by day break.

open-sky-unlimited (6)

The air was so clean and fresh.

open-sky-unlimited (7) open-sky-unlimited (8)

 “The East Ridge, begins with a steeper trail of the two, which can be unforgiving to the unfit and inexperienced.  You will be guided through some jungle trek, scramble up steep rocky sections, scurry up tree roots, hike across the ridge and scramble up the mountain side… “

open-sky-unlimited (9) DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO open-sky-unlimited (13)

 “Up on the ridge, one would feel a little surreal, with the green moss, the dry & high altitude vegetation makes one feel like they’ve suddenly been transported away from KL.” 

open-sky-unlimited (14)DCIM100GOPRO

The ridges were high and when you look down all you see is a bed of greenery. One wrong step and one could vanish forever. But for the sake of a good photo…

open-sky-unlimited (16)


As much as I love the beach, the jungle will always be home for me. Just breathing the air washes my weary soul clean.


“The breathtaking view of the Klang Gates Dam, backdropped by mountain ranges and sun rays bursting through the clouds in mesmerizing colours makes it worth the effort.”

open-sky-unlimited (22)open-sky-unlimited (23)DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROI am so thankful I woke up for this.

Read Part 2 here.



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