Kuala Lumpur: DragonBack Trek (Part 3)


Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


There were more ridges and higher peaks to this DragonBack but our trek was up to this top only.

open-sky-unlimited (2)

The steep descent starts…DCIM100GOPRO open-sky-unlimited (4) open-sky-unlimited (5) DCIM100GOPRO

We came down to a really posh neighborhood.


That was where we were just hours ago!open-sky-unlimited (11)See the ridges…
open-sky-unlimited (10)

The tour ended with breakfast in a traditional Malaysian eating place. This open-air restaurant that serves affordable food is called mamak, named after a group of people.


“The Malaysian Mamak are Tamil Muslims of Malaysian nationality, whose forefathers mostly migrated from South India to the Malay Peninsula and various locations in Southeast Asia centuries ago. They are regarded as part of the Malaysian Indian community.”

open-sky-unlimited (13)

Ever since we ate here, my sister and I ate in mamaks until the end of our KL travel. We became roti and teh addicts all the way.

open-sky-unlimited (14)

After breakfast, Amos drove us back to our hotels. We arrived just before noon.

open-sky-unlimited (9)

MY review

Trip Advisor was spot-on in ranking this tour as the number 1 activity in Kuala Lumpur.

  • The trek is ideal. It is good for newbies and challenging enough for the occasional mountain trekker.
  • The timing is excellent. We started early morning and ended just before noon. We still had the whole afternoon to do other stuff.
  • The tour guide is superman. Amos is fluent, skilled and has an inspiring story (shifted offices from concrete towers to the mountain tops). He guided us from our first steps up the jungle to our last tree-hop down the trail. He anticipated the needs of the group, slowed down when necessary and patiently waited for us to take our selfies. He even had a mini tent for us to change in after. The amazing part was, he was chatting and showing us things from start to finish – like he never ran out of breath. His energy was contagious!
  • The breakfast is superb. A perfect end to an awesome trek,  the food was not heavy but it surprisingly satisfied our growling stomachs.
  • My recommendations:  Do this tour at the end of your KL trip. We woke up the next day with sweet aching muscles and we still had to climb the high stairs of Batu Cave! A day after the hike, we had a soothing massage in one of the good spas in Jalan Alor. If we had more days, we would have tried the other adventure treks.

All in all, the DragonBack trek was the highlight of our 5-day trip.

Know more: Website | Facebook | Email: amos@openskyunlimited.com



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