Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 1

Read Part 1 here.

My lifestyle change had to start somewhere. I needed something hardcore to kick start my new cause. Right on time, my good ol’ friend Kara pulled me over to the good side – Haddins Fitness. I have never done a weight loss program before. I have always been scared of intensive routines but I had to do something, and do it now before my resolve dissipates into thin air.haddins-primal-1 (20) What sealed the deal for me was the program’s money back incentive. They paid you back for each session you attended. If you completed all 20 days, you get half of your money back. Isn’t that awesome?! A week before the program started, Kara spoiled me with all the sweets she can bake. haddins-primal-1 (7)Day 1 was assessment day. My starting weight: 66.4 My starting waist measurement: 85 haddins-primal-1 (9) haddins-primal-1 (10) We were on detox for the first 4 days. These became my best friends and worst enemies. haddins-primal-1 (11) haddins-primal-1 (13) The sessions were held in Masdar City and Zayed Sports City. Each location had 3 classes in a day. We were free to attend other sessions incase we missed our preferred schedule. Knowing what my fellow “primates” were doing in the other classes or the other side of town, motivated me. There is strength in virtual unity. haddins-primal-1 (12) Kara and I chose the 6 AM class. So brave! haddins-primal-1 (14) A lot of times, I wanted to run all the way home or die on the spot. I came last in almost everything. It was so frustrating but seeing how fierce the others were kept me going. haddins-primal-1 (15) Ending our 4-day detox. Food gone in minutes! haddins-primal-1 (18) These ladies were my fitspiration. I wanted to be strong like them. haddins-primal-1 (17) After finishing the fifth day, I wanted to shout for joy, run around in circles and fly to the sky. It was a big achievement for me. Then I came home to this…haddins-primal-1 (21) With all the strength left in my detoxified body, I walked away and went straight to bed. The week wasn’t finished yet until I did this… haddins-primal-1 (19)The hardest part of my weekend was to pack away my addiction and replace them with a better choice. haddins-primal-1 (8) Week 1 finally done! haddins-primal-1 (22)

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4 thoughts on “Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 1

    1. It’s organic protein shake. I’m still trying to get used to black. Whenever i drink brewed coffee sa Balangao, it was always full of sugar, so I never got used to black.


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