Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 2

Read week 1 here.

Week 2 started by kicking bad food out and bringing good food in.

haddind-primal-2 (1)

I started to pack my own lunch and snacks.

haddind-primal-2 (2)

The workout continued but my cursing has stopped. I was determined to push myself and finish this week with better results.

haddind-primal-2 (3)

Cooking was another story. I saw all these colorful yummy Paleo meals online but what happened to mine? After 1 week, I gave up on preparing my own food. Charcoal is bad for the body.

haddind-primal-2 (4)

I liked the friendly competitions among the different sessions. That quote is for my own sourgraping.

haddind-primal-2 (5)

The stair loops were my greatest challenge!

haddind-primal-2 (6) haddind-primal-2 (7)

My favorite part of the week was tire-flipping on the ramp. I felt like I was in a military mountain rescue operation. Our team finished last. Haha.

haddind-primal-2 (8)

My focus for the week was de-stressing from my Duty Officer mobile by eating right.

haddind-primal-2 (9)

On the weekend, it was my first time to go to a cafe and not order coffee. I had my self-control in the highest level, as I sipped my green tea all afternoon.

haddind-primal-2 (10)

Weekend homework to finish the week!

haddind-primal-2 (11)

My weight check: 63.2

haddind-primal-2 (12)

Week 2 accomplished!

haddind-primal-2 (13)

 Read week 3 here.


3 thoughts on “Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 2

  1. When pan frying leave the flame on low/medium and most importantly, don’t leave your food too long. Keep checking so it doesn’t burn. OR steam everything.
    Keep up the healthy diet!


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