Kuala Lumpur: The Departure


It’s been 5 days of fun and adventure. Now reality is calling us back – one to Abu Dhabi and the other to the Philippines.

Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (1) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (2)This trip was my graduation gift to my sister. When we were kids, we always traveled to different tribes and regions of the Philippines, not for leisure but for ministry and community work. This was the first time we traveled out of the country together, just for pleasure and enjoying each other’s company.

Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (3)

I am so proud of her. In her shortness of height and flatness of nose, she has become a good leader, a brilliant speaker and a reliable sister. I miss her already but I shall see her in the next few months.Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (4)

I dropped her off at KLIA 2 and I had to go to KLIA. Talk about convenient airport connections…Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (5)

Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (6) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (7) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (8)

One last taste of Malaysia before heading to my flight.
Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (9) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (10)

Upgraded again! My God is so overflowing with generosity.
Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (11)

The Etihad-Jet Airways Business Class cabin.
Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (12)

When I left for this trip, I was just writing about our new onboard product roll-outs. Now I got to touch and feel our newest branding first hand.

Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (13) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (14)

Oooh, fancy silverware.
Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (15) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (16) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (17) Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (18)

Yes, I ate ’till I drop. The book I didn’t have the chance to read during this trip.Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (19)Came home to this sleepy head.

Kuala-lumpur-etihad-flight (20)

I thank God for the gift of travel and sisterhood. I think the best gift we can give our younger sisters is not to impose that they see the world the way we do, but to share the world to them in the ways we can. Then they will understand why we see the world the way we do and they soon will appreciate why we do the things we do for them.

I love Malaysia because my sister was there with me.



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