Last Day, Hooray!

Ode to my Etihad eCommerce Family

All my files are packed, I’m ready to go
My CRs are closed, no emails to show
Before I shut down, walk out of the door
I’d like to thank you, spill love on this floor

Those homepage revamps and urgent release
Global promotions and content freeze
Each day on my screen, I gained something new
I failed and I learned, I worked and I grew

This isn’t ‘adios’, but ‘see you around’
Don’t be a stranger, in flight or on ground
I bid you farewell, don’t miss me ‘till then
Keep smiling, my friend, ‘till we meet again


And just like that, my world of luxurious flights, boundless travels and intense corporate work life has come to an end.


More farewell drama coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Last Day, Hooray!

  1. Didn’t know you were gone! You’ll be missed for sure. Just found out about your blog, I’m about to start mine. Keep in touch and I’m here if you ever need me 🙂


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