Internet Speed in the Philippines


I’m back!

I’ve been home in the Philippines for a month now, throwing tantrums at the internet speed of this country. I had our old connection cut because we were paying for internet that was non-existent. A turtle can finish a marathon before a single page loads.

While waiting for our new PLDT connection, I had to go Wi-Fi hunting from one restaurant to another. I bought a pocket Wi-Fi, consumed all my credits on mobile data and nearly seduced our neighbor for their password. No, nothing worked.


My K-drama life died as well.internet-speed-philippines-3

After a series of love-hate phone calls with PLDT, we were finally connected yesterday! Thanks to these two who set it up and stayed over time to make it work.


I asked my friends in other parts of the world to do a speed test on their connections. The winner for most meek and humble is… the Philippines! *slow clap*

3 mbps vs 52 mbps. Now you understand where I’m coming from.internet-speed-philippines-9

I’m not complaining though. If you go on days with nothing, you’ll appreciate even a drop of something. My gadgets are now in full gear!

If this is how I sweat on normal days, imagine how my devices feel like today. Thank you to the man who invented the electric fan.


Now off I go, I have 100+ unread messages on Facebook 😛


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