Japan: The Flight

I arrived at the Manila airport as early as I could.

This would be my first flight as a normal traveler. Read: not an airline staff anymore. No ID tickets and no Premium Class benefits.


Immigration was a breeze.

Lately, it seems like the officers are younger and friendlier. I’ve noticed that most of them try to initiate small talk and they smile goodbye. The tension is lesser unlike before when they were rude, rigid and expressionless.


Hello Economy Class!


Always do a web check-in before your flight so you can choose your preferred seat. If the flight isn’t full choose the last rows and hope no one sits beside you. 🙂



This meal was small but tasty.


It was just a 4-hour flight so I tried my best to get some rest. At one point, I opened my eyes and took a photo of this.


Just before landing…


Touchdown at Narita International Airport. Thank you, Jetstar!


The immigration process at the Japan airport was quiet and orderly.

I’m just surprised at how insensitive some Filipino tourists are, especially those in groups. Yes, we are fun-loving people, but during travel it won’t hurt to tone down our laughter, follow the “no photos” sign and be more respectful of others.

We don’t want to be associated with some countries who are known to be lousy and bad tourists.




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