Do you have unused football shoes?

Since I came back home in the province, I’ve been playing football with some of my old friends. I’m surprised that the team still exists.

They are struggling to stay strong despite the sparse support they’ve received from our town.

My sister and I with the Nueva Vizcaya team behind us.

What breaks my heart is to see some players run without shoes or endure the rain as their boots fall apart. It’s very common for them to borrow shoes from each other just to play a game.

I want to help in any way I can. I know football can teach these youth valuable lessons and keep them away from trouble.

Here’s my first attempt to gain a “sponsorship”.


This is my football buddy in the UAE. We’ll hide his identity and call him Luis 😛
We never had a serious WhatsApp conversation and I didn’t expect today to end this way.


It’s the first time I heard about “foot number”. He’s so funny.


I didn’t know he was really serious. Half an hour later he sends me this…


“Put 2 socks and don’t cut your nails.” This made me laugh.


That last line was the best closing line of all. Bless your heart, Luis. You are a good friend.

So why am I sharing this?


The Dome UAE 2016

Because I know I have generous friends in the UAE and around the world. Your unused football shoes can make a big difference in the life of one kid here in my little town.

Share and be a blessing!


2 thoughts on “Do you have unused football shoes?

  1. Was a pleasure to help. It’s the best feeling if you can help somebody. Come on guys! We all like to play with boots! Imagine you kicking the ball with your nail….hurts right?!?? Seriously, try your best to help these people.


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