Christmas with my New Team

“How do you manage or handle a team?”

That question often comes up during my job interviews. After working 14 years, in 5 companies and with countless teams, I have THE answer to that question.

Build relationships.

Years will pass and people will forget the work you did, the targets you exceeded, the sales you achieved and the rewards you got at work.

What they will never forget are the meals you shared, the times you visited them at the hospital, the way you remembered their kid’s’or spouse’s names, the out-of-work trips, your encouraging words, and your kindness.

skids staff new zealand

That being said, here’s a photo dump of the Christmas fun I had with my new workmates.

I still have a hard time adjusting to the Kiwi accent, but they have all been patient with my many “what?” and “say again?”.

It took me one year to understand Arabic English! So this might take awhile too. skids staff new zealand

Anyeong! Dinner at Dae Bak Korean BBQ Auckland…skids staff new zealand

Desserts at Fresh on High Street, Auckland…skids staff new zealand skids staff new zealandskids staff new zealandMerry Christmas from New Zealand!


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