Merry First Christmas in New Zealand

This is the first time in many years that I didn’t have to work on Christmas day or fight for a vacation leave during the holiday season.

I embraced this change by going into depression for 2 days, just before Christmas. My body and brains are too used to being abused during the holidays that they could not accept such good fate. Haha.

christmas in new zealand

So my new boss invited me to spend Christmas day with her family residing in the North Shore of Auckland. I live all the way in the south.

Here’s a map to show you what I’m talking about…

auckland map

I woke up today feeling refreshed and energised, ready to eat and mingle. Then I remembered the drive I needed to make and I started to feel nauseous.

I have driven way longer distances in the UAE (like 250 km AUH to RAK), but this would be my first time to right-hand drive through Auckland in such distance.

driving in auckland

You see, driving stresses me out. In my hate list, it’s second to cooking. So imagine my pride and joy when I made it alive!

That’s me celebrating with my awesome acrobatic skills. (Watch in HD)

filipino christmas in new zealand

My boss and her family welcomed me like an old friend. Another family from work came too. It was an intimate lunch overflowing with food, karaoke fun and mandatory GoPro shots.filipino christmas in new zealandfilipino christmas in new zealand

I also had the chance to meet these youngsters and learn about the student life in New Zealand.

filipino christmas in new zealand

When it was time to go home, I mustered up all my courage again, tucked my baon (packed food) inside my bag, thanked everyone and headed to my car.

Less than an hour later, I arrived home safe and just a bit sunburnt.

driving in auckland

The best gift I had for Christmas is the opportunity to share a meal with my new boss and a new group of work friends. The “bestest” gift was the chance to conquer yet another fear.

Thank you, Jesus, for continually giving strength to the cowardly. Happy birthday!

And to you my readers, Merry Christmas!


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