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paragliding philippines

What follows after a day of successful solo flights? More flights!
paragliding philippines


On day 4 and the remaining days of my 10-day Beginner Course, we mastered proper take-offs and safe landings.
paragliding philippinesparagliding philippinesparagliding philippinesPyro kept telling me to feel the wind and know its direction. But no matter what I do and look at, I felt like the wind was blowing everywhere! In all honesty, I still didn’t understand what I was doing. Haha.

In each of my flights, all I did was listen and follow his voice. I guess for a newborn pilot, the ability and humility to follow directions are most important. I also gained a super power after my training days – that is understanding Korean English. 😛

paragliding philippines paragliding philippines paragliding philippines

Knowing me, a day won’t pass without an argument with Pyro. Everyday I’d beg for a longer flight duration. Some days he would succumb but most days he’d go into a long lecture about safety.

That’s what I like about him though, he has a very high standard for safety. He said that for a suicidal person like me, I can’t die on his watch.

paragliding variometer


I was prepared from the start to be burnt, bruised and bleeding. Each time I got my kite up, I’d earn a new bruise on my arms. But as I got darker and “dirtier”, my spirit got stronger. paragliding philippines

paragliding philippines

Paragliding is NOT this murderous if you wear your safety gears. Obviously, I am not a good example. I can see my instructor shaking his head in surrender to my “rebellion”.

But when you’ve gone through so much emotional pain in life, all these physical pain to achieve something doesn’t hurt at all.

paragliding philippines


The best rewards of each day are the peaceful soaring in the sky. I could not imagine that a day would come when I’d have breathtaking moments like these…

paragliding philippinesparagliding philippines paragliding philippines paragliding philippines paragliding philippines

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