The Art of Parawaiting



paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

PARAWAITING is an ancillary sport to paragliding; practiced while sitting on launch, hour after hour until the narrow window of flyable conditions finally opens. If it does. –

paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

I am a person who loves waiting. **rolls eyes**

I wish one day, I can really say that.

paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

Growing up, I was the most impatient person I knew. But life happened and God gave me series of events that taught me the value of waiting.

Just when I thought I have learned to be patient, Paragliding came to test me again. It’s easy to wait when the weather is good but to wait under the scorching heat of the sun is torment.

paragliding philippines parawaiting-1 paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

Thankfully, I got the coolest instructor, he was my full-time teacher and part-time waiting shed.

paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

That was when he was awake…
paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

So what did I do to deal with delays? I found something else fun to do…paragliding philippines parawaiting-1 paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

Or I paused in quiet spots to immerse in thankfulness for the day.paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

Or I waited at the top of the hill until the wind is flyable. paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

And when it was, we grabbed that window of opportunity and soared!

paragliding philippines

I have learned that a delay is not always a denial.

Delays and discouragements may be a test of your patience. They show you what’s inside of you so you’ll be able to know your level of commitment to something.

So on days when if I feel like dropping off this planet, I try to wait with a cheerful heart until the day comes when I want to live again.

In reality, I have more days waiting in gloom. But that’s ok, I embrace those days as well and make up for it during my brighter days.

paragliding philippines parawaiting-1

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