Paramotor Tandem Flight



paramotor philippines

A PARAMOTOR is a motorized steerable paraglider, powered by a motor and propeller harnessed to the pilot’s back.

paramotor philippines

On Pyro’s last day of teaching, he offered his students a free paramotor tandem flight. I was last in line because, according to him, I was the heaviest. Haha.

paramotor philippines

paramotor philippines

It was a good experience, launching by foot from a flat ground. Oh, what people do to fly like birds!paramotor philippinesparamotor philippines

Unlike paragliding, a paramotor flight is a bit noisy because of the engine. Therefore, I conclude that I like paragliding more. My brain is already too rowdy and turbulent, it has no space for more roaring.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed being up in the air. In my list, it’s a must-try!

paramotor philippines

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