Paragliding Friends in the Philippines



paragliding philippines As my Paragliding Beginner Course came to an end, I thank the Lord for all the wonderful people I met in such a short span of time.

paragliding philippines

The Carmona Ridge boys who took care of me like one of their own…paragliding philippines paragliding philippines

paragliding philippinesThe paragliding tandem pilots who inspired me with their zest to fly..paragliding philippines

My fellow pilot-students who gave me a story to tell every day…

paragliding philippinesparagliding philippinesparagliding philippinesparagliding philippinesparagliding philippines

People who touched my lives in more ways than they can imagine…

paragliding philippines

paragliding philippines

paragliding philippines

paragliding philippines

And Pyro who had the most stable mood no matter how inconsistent the wind and his student was. For someone suffering from dramatic mood swings disorder, he was the perfect instructor.

paragliding philippines

At a time when all I saw was a looming black cloud and suicide was calling me with a seductive voice, God sent me all these people to drown away the sweet sound of death… until the next dark cloud comes along.

paragliding philippines

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#FatLegsFly #DepressionKills #TheDepressedChristian #EmbracingBipolarDisorder #BeautifullyBipolar #OvercomingSuicide #MentalHealthAwareness


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