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paragliding philippines kiting

Have you ever had something you really wanted to learn but found so hard to do? During my Paragliding Beginner’s Course, I found kiting so hard to do.

Kiting is managing and sustaining a paraglider overhead in the wind by pulling the brakes correctly. It’s more often known as ‘ground handling’.

For the life of me, I couldn’t pull up my glider in the air for more than 3 seconds. So for the 2 weeks of my training, all I did was watch others balance their wings. I happily cheered for them then sulked in the background.

paragliding philippines kitingWhen I got home after completing my course, the first thing I did was to give my fat legs what it was clamoring for…

paragliding philippines kiting

But the next days following this, I had this uneasy feeling, knowing that I have left something unfinished.

So I woke up one day, packed my bag and travelled back to the fly site. Our instructor wasn’t there anymore but I had my fellow students Tony and Rainier waiting for me. They made it their mission to teach me to kite in a day.

paragliding philippines

Tony’s tips were very helpful:

  1. Wait for a good steady wind or you’ll just waste your time.
  2. Whip it! Pull like you’re in control, let your wings obey you.
  3. It takes only one “aha” moment and you’ll get it.

For hours all I heard was Tony shouting at me, “get your arse in the wind.” Whenever I failed, Rainier was so patient in fixing and re-fixing my dead wings.

After a day of moving my butt back and forth, being blown by the wind, and cursing at my harness and brakes, I finally got my “aha” moment!

paragliding philippines kiting

The moment I had my glider up in the air for more than 10 seconds, I heard the cows cheering and I felt like I was ready for war. Haha.

paragliding philippines kiting

paragliding philippines kiting

I still have so many skills to learn, but if this is war, I have taken one wall down and am marching ahead to the next hurdle.

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