Visiting NuViz FC

I spent more than 2 weeks immersing myself in the world of paragliding. After finishing my beginner’s course, I had a quick trip back to my hometown.

Just when I thought I had shifted allegiance to a new sport, I came home and found my first love patiently waiting for me.


nuviz football club

In my darkest days, this game has kept me alive. Only in the football field do I find time passing without me thinking of death.

nuviz football clubnuviz football club

I was so out of shape! My knee injury from a year ago, still bothered me. I felt like an old woman carefully measuring my steps while running. But I had so much fun sweating and kicking around with my friends.

Indeed, first love never dies.

nuviz football clubnuviz football club

From the football field to the paragliding field, God has sustained me with a passion that keeps me breathing from one game to another and one flight to another.


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