What is worst – food allergy or depression?

Early this morning I was rushed to the hospital because of anaphylactic reaction to something I ate.

hospital south korea

I was not fully conscious when everything unfolded. But I remember throwing up along the way to the hospital and continuously gasping for air because I couldn’t breathe.

In a flash, I was admitted to the emergency room and had needles injected in my hand. I slept like a zombie, had my picture taken then paid a sum of money.

After about 5 hours, I was back home alive and breathing.

hospital south korea

Today I realized that when you are physically sick, you immediately get all the support, the medication and the doctors you need. Everybody roots for you.

But mental health patients are being taken lightly.

With depression, no one rushes you to the hospital nor sit by your bedside until you feel better. Most people raise their eyebrows when you talk about how you feel. You suffer through the daily struggle. You are forced to endure each day until you get better.

I hope one day, people would treat mental health problems as serious as an allergic reaction.

paragliding south korea

By the way, I’m all better now. And I’m talking about the allergy. For my depression, my cure for the day is another flight, a reminder that God is rooting for me!

paragliding koreaI’m sure He’s rooting for you too. ❤


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