Paragliding in Korea: Danyang Para Village

Para ma-eul (패러마을)

danyang paragliding

Danyang is the paragliding Mecca of South Korea. It has 4 different take-off sites, over 10 paragliding companies, about 80 tandem pilots and an estimated 1,000 passengers per day during peak season.

One of the biggest and well-known company is Para Village.

danyang paravillage south koreadanyang paragliding

If you’re a “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 3 hardcore fan like me, you would have watched the episode where Park Bo-Gum and some of the members tried paragliding.danyang paraglidingdanyang paravillage south korea

Para Village prides itself with 20 years of history. They offer flights, lodging (pension) and ATV rental.danyang paragliding para village

Their facilities include a cozy café and a picturesque viewing deck. For travellers they have a pick-up service from Danyang Station and Danyang Bus Terminal.

danyang paragliding

danyang paragliding

danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding

danyang paragliding

Click here to read about my tandem flight with the awesome Pilot Jason.

We took off and landed very smoothly. I wanted to give him a huge thank you hug, but he ran away! It was his loss. Haha.

On busy days, it’s fun to watch pilots and passengers launch in the air one after the other like happy missiles.

danyang paragliding danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding danyang paragliding

paravillage danyang

The only time wings are rested, would be at lunch time.danyang paragliding

While waiting for Pilot Jason to finish his flights, I was enjoying a hot cup of coffee when someone appeared out of nowhere. Hello, Pilot Im!

He flew from another site and dropped by just to see me. He left the same way. Flying for them is like a game. I’m so envious.

danyang paragliding danyang paragliding

After the flights, we sat outside and waited for the sun to set.

danyang paragliding

Being around pilots, I am inspired by the nature of their career. They go to work everyday but their job is their hobby, their sport. Tandem flying is not easy because it comes with manual labor and the risk of accidents and even death.

danyang paragliding

But for me, if my office was the sky and the daily challenges of my work was dictated by the conditions of nature, then life would have been simpler and less traumatic.danyang paragliding

And when you come home to a feast like this… ahh, life!danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding

To know more about PARA VILLAGE, visit these links:

paravillage danyang

For paragliding prices as of March 2019:

  • Basic flight: 110,000 KRW (flight) + 22,000 KRW (GoPro)
    In peso: 5,163 PHP + 1,032 PHP
  • Art flight: 130,000 KRW (flight) + 22,000 KRW (GoPro)
    In peso: 6,100 PHP + 1,032 PHP
  • VIP flight: 200,000 KRW (flight) + 22,000 KRW (GoPro)
    In peso: 9,388 PHP + 1,032 PHP

danyang paragliding para village-1

Hope you get to visit one day!


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