Paragliding in South Korea: Silly Pilots and BBQ (Danyang)

I like the weather today, sunny and cold. What I don’t like is this nasty colds that won’t go away.danyang paragliding

All I wanted to do was snuggle up in bed with my blanket and sleep, but this dynamic duo barged into my room and dragged me out for lunch. To be fair, I can’t say no to Jajangmyeon (black noodles).danyang paragliding

danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding

After the meal, they drove me straight to the fly site where Pilot Im works. He and Pilot Jason passionately coaxed me into flying solo.danyang paragliding

First, they brought out the wing that I can use and started kiting…danyang paragliding

danyang paragliding

danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding

Then they tried flying to show me how good the wind was…danyang paragliding

danyang paragliding

On any other day, I would have easily said yes. But today, I felt my body shutting down. Yet they kept nagging me like 2 old ladies. I agreed to do a bit of kiting, just to shut them up. Haha.

danyang paragliding danyang paragliding

With stuffy nose and watery eyes, I tried to do the best I can. But my head kept pounding like crazy. After a few minutes of looking like a silly panda being tossed around by the wind I gave up. My 2 old ladies finally stopped pestering me. :Pdanyang paragliding

But they were still the sweetest! Look where they treated me for dinner…

danyang paragliding

My favorite –  dwaeji galbi, Korean-style pork ribs BBQ. Right on cue, my grumbling tummy silenced my aching head.

danyang paraglidingdanyang paragliding

I’m so thankful I got to know these wonderful people. I feel like I don’t deserve such generosity. I hope one day I can give back and pay forward the kindness they have shown me.danyang paragliding

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