Paragliding in South Korea: Training at the Awesome Fly Site


Korea Leports Academy
Eoseom, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province

The master is back in Korea, that means I get to fly! Or so I thought.

My mood was up and I had so much energy waiting to be unleashed, but the weather decided to play with me. First, the rain came, then a windstorm lingered, then the temperature dropped to a point were I was breathing ice.

So what do you do when these things happen? Me, I work with what I have – my appetite!

Then came one day when the weather seemed to be ok. But after getting all geared up, the wind started to dance like crazy. I lasted for only a few minutes.

Outside, the winds went berserk. Inside, I had warm food and good company.

A day later, Mr. Manjun (Pyro’s paramotor student) came for training. His wife was there too and he tried teaching her how to kite. Awww, so sweet these two. <3

The wind was still not flyable for paragliding, so I had to stay on ground while the paramotors roared above me. With the cold, I didn’t even last an hour. Watching Pyro fly his paramotor was like watching a kid play with his toy. I wish I could learn his skill, it’s impressive.

My favorite part of training day… dinner time!

One reason I love coming back to Hwaseong City is this restaurant. I’ll let the pictures tell you why.

We should have this in the Philippines – free coffee after meals.

I’m a very impatient human being. When my moods and the winds don’t agree with each other, I tend to retreat into a cave of self-pity, anger and resentment.

When people tell me, “it’s all in your head, control your mood!” I stop and wonder, if they lived one day, just one day, inside my head, will they survive? #BeautifullyBipolar

I’m thankful I have an instructor and some friends who keep re-assuring me that I shouldn’t rush my learning. It’s safer to do it slowly.

So that’s the gameplan: slowly, slowly. Just like how my weight has been increasing since I learned about Korean food.

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