Day 4: Immersing in the Bedouin Culture

In my contact with people, I find that, as a rule, it is only the little, narrow people who live for themselves, who never read good books, who do not travel, who never open up their souls in a way to permit them to come into contact with other souls – with the great outside world. – B.Washington


BBQ dinner is served…

I am very well impressed by my friends’ openness to food and cultural diversity. They savored camp food even if it’s not the best sampler of authentic Arabian flavors.


Belly Dancing for dessert…

2 belly dancing (1)

2 belly dancing (2)


2 belly dancing (4)

Trying out the nation’s favorite pastime: Shisha

3 sisha (1)

3 sisha (2)

3 sisha (3)

3 sisha (4)

3 sisha (5)

Dressing up like locals…

4 condura (6)

4 condura (1)

Abu Alberto and his dysfunctional family…

4 condura (2)

4 condura (3)

4 condura (4)

4 condura (5)

Finally, it was time to pack up. Goodbye, desert camp…


and we’re back to the modern world…


Coming home to more stories…


Tomorrow awaits our last full day together.

Desert Safari by Emirates Tours and Safari

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Day 1 Rest in Abu Dhabi
Day 2 Dubai Museum | Dubai Global City
Day 3 Dubai Atlantis the Palm | Souk Madinat Jumeirah & Burj Al Arab | Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa | Dubai Dancing Fountain | The Eclipse Boutique Suites
Day 4 Desert Safari – Dune Bashing | Camel Ride | Henna Tattoo | Desert Camp
Day 5 Yas Island & Manarat Al Saadiyat | Grand Mosque | Tiara Restaurant
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