Day 5: Wandering through Yas Island

Today is our last full day together. These are our morning faces.

The growing children stops for lunch…


Excited to see Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park in the world.yas (2)

Sadly, a rich international company booked the park for the day so it was closed to the public… huwaat?yas (3)

Enjoying the entrance to the parking lot…yas (5)

yas (6)

Where to next? Let’s go get some wisdom!

MANARAT AL SAADIYAT (The place of enlightenment)

yas (7)

It’s an arts and culture centre, designed to bring the vision of the island to life through The Saadiyat Story – a world class leisure, residential, business and tourism hub to showcase Abu Dhabi to the world.

yas (9)

This exhibition invites you to travel through time and across the globe. It tells a history of the world through 100 objects from the British Museum’s unparalleled collection.

Whether simply carved in stone or intricately crafted ingold, together the objects tell a story spanning two million years of human history.

DCIM100GOPROyas (12)

We depend on the things we make. Since early men and women shaped the first stone tools, we have come to rely on objects for many reasons.

yas (19)


Objects can solve problems, prove our status, or bring us closer to our beliefs. Objects challenge, intrigue, delight and amuse.

yas (17)

yas (18)

yas (15)

Above all, objects tell stories. Many societies have left us no writing to study, but the things they made can tell us a great deal about their experiences…

yas (8)

Saadiyat Cultural District

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