Japan: The Arrival

A friend who was to welcome me to Japan asked to wait for him at the arrival/departure area of Narita Terminal 3.

I am perfectly fine to wait forever if the food court area is like this – wooden floors, cozy chairs and well-lit dining.


Hello there, master Julian!


The last time we met, we were still studying in college. I used to work with his mom back then when I was a working student at VOICE Philippines. Julian was one of our artists who created some images for our children’s worksheets.

He’s a really good artist and the genius behind this:violetology

“What do you want to eat?” he asked.

Without batting an eyelash, I declared…




I love Japanese food and this is always on top of my list. Ah, finally, authentic ramen!



After eating we stayed a bit in a small park to catch up. When we left the park and was almost one block away, I realized I left my pouch with all my important stuff in it. I was that sleepy. 😦

I was in panic mode and wanted to rush back. Julian was unfazed and took his time. I tried pulling him to walk faster.

“Is your passport there?” he asked.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Then don’t worry,” he said.

For me, it felt like a long time walking back. When we reached the spot, lo and behold, my bright pink (nakaw-able) pouch was quietly waiting for me.

I’ve read about how honest the Japanese people are but it’s nice to experience it first hand. I was told that if I did lost anything in Japan, either someone will try to return it or it will be left untouched so I can find it where I left it.


After half a day of walking around, he dropped me off at my next destination: Soshigaya Setagayaku Tokyo. I was excited to stay for a few days with my parents’ long-time missionary friends: the Fukudas.

Uncle Takashi was travelling back to Japan from Manila that same night. So his wife, auntie Aiko picked me up from the train station. She came to meet me riding her bike. I’m really impressed at how strong and self-reliant the elderly are in Japan.

Dinner time! Auntie Kyoko on the left and auntie Aiko on the right.


Thank you, ate Keiko, for lending me your room.


It was a tiring first day, but all worth it.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: The Arrival

  1. woooowww ate Vio!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited for you at inggit ako..sana sinamahan nalang po kita..hahahaha. I hope I could be there somedy,too :)))) Enjoy your vacation po. ^^


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