Japan: Travel to Mito Ibaraki

Good morning, day 3!

My next destination was to visit my niece who is based in Mito, Ibaraki.


From my current location, I had 2 stops and transfers before reaching Mito.

Funny story: At Shinjuku Station, I found myself in the middle of a mad rush. I stood there frozen as a sea of people hurriedly passed by me. After a minute or so, the wave was gone and I was left standing alone.

What’s amazing was in that orderly tidal wave of people, I didn’t feel any physical contact at all. To think, I was carrying my monster backpack with me. The Japanese people are so respectful that even in a rush, they would actually care not to bump or crash into you.

If I were in the country I shall not name, I would have been dead meat. Haha.


In all my train adventures around the world, I’d always feel scared and overwhelmed while planning my trips. I’d spend hours worrying about my route, where to stop or how to buy my tickets.

But in all these train rides, reality would be less scarier than my fears. I worry much for nothing.


The Japanese train system looks complicated but if you have Google or a train app (I used Japan Travel app), that will make your life easier. The trains are always on the dot, so make sure you’re in the right platform at the right time.

I also recommend having a Japan Rail Pass card or a PASMO card so you don’t have to buy tickets for every trip.

As long as you know how to ask for help, read directions and are willing to sometimes get lost, then you’ll eventually reach your destination.


Oh look, my meet and greet!


My niece, Elizabeth, has only lived in Mito for over a month and she now looks like a local. Talk about Filipinos and our ability to adapt anywhere in the world.


My first real experience of autumn leaves!


Good job, backpack. We have arrived.

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