A Review of HaB Korea Tour Company

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Korean Folk Village3-takeawaysKorean Folk Village

3 Takeaways on my HaB Korea tour

HaB Korea is a custom private tour, destination and event management company based in Seoul. They specialize in Korean food & culinary trips, K-pop & K-drama tours and cultural & historical adventures.

My tour was a customized deal given to bloggers, writers and media people. My guide for the day was the founder and CEO himself, Mr. Daniel Kim.

Korean Folk Village



It’s nice when your tour guide understands the occupational hazards of being a blogger.

Mr. Daniel took the initiative of bringing a camera. After taking photos of me, he would say, “ok, you can now take photos for your story.” He’d let me roam around by myself and would patiently wait while I take my own GoPro shots.

He’d also repeat names of places and other stuff so I can make my mental notes.

Korean Folk Village



They offer standard holiday packages for big groups and customized trips for couples and individuals.

I didn’t have enough time to do my research and was a bit torn in what tour to choose among their many options. So I just told Mr. Daniel what I wanted to see that day and we created my itinerary based on his recommendations.

Korean Folk Village



Not only was the tour made for me, but I felt like I was exploring Seoul with a friend.

I did choose when to go and when to rest. I said ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to some recommendations. But the best part of the tour was the opportunity of sharing sentiments, life stories and experiences with someone throughout the day.

HaB Korea is a thriving company with sincere efforts in being the best in the industry. I recommend them if you are visiting South Korea. Give them a chance to meet or surpass your travel needs!

Korean Folk Village

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It’s your Korea trip, HaB it your way!”


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