HaB Korea: Korean Folk Village – Traditional Performances (Part 2)

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The Korean Folk Village offers different shows to revive the vibrant culture of their past. You get to enjoy different festivals all year round, art performances and traditional ceremonies.

Korean Folk Village


Nongak, the traditional farmers’ music, is a street parade or dance choreography accompanied by acrobatic moves while playing the drums and wind instruments.

Although today it is perceived as a form of entertainment, it originated from a communal rite of praying for peace and prosperity in a family or neighborhood.
Korean Folk Village

The dancers went on and on, skipping and flipping, but you don’t get bored at all watching such joyful presentation!Korean Folk Village


I sat down not expecting much from this event, but halfway through the show, I found myself on the edge of my seat watching every move as the riders rode backwards, reverse and sideways!
Korean Folk Village

They executed splendid horse-riding techniques combined with archery, martial arts and hunting skills.Korean Folk Village

It was my first time to watch a horse show and I was impressed with the horseback standing and tumbling stunts. Brilliant show!Korean Folk Village


Another fun performance I witnessed that day was a traditional Korean wedding.
Korean Folk Village

The ceremony was performed from the arrival of the bride and groom, up to their departure.
Korean Folk Village

I’ve always been fascinated with traditional weddings of different cultures. This was a satisfying experience for me.

I wonder what it feels like to work as a “groom” or “bride”, to get married every day? 😛Korean Folk Village

A gama, the small palanquin where the bride is carried off after the ceremony…Korean Folk Village


Along the streets, you’ll also find traditional shops where someone would show you how things were done in the ancient times.
Korean Folk Village

Some of the craft demonstrations are woodworking and metalworking techniques.Korean Folk Village

Every corner you go in this village, you’ll see something interesting to do.


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