Mahé Island Tour: Anse Takamaka

A stunning beach, soft sand and multihued water
– a haven for swimmers.

seychelles-anse-takamaka (2)

“The beach stretches uninterrupted for almost 2 km of white sand.”

seychelles-anse-takamaka (4)

“It is large enough for every beachgoer to claim their own piece of solitude with a thick takamaka and palm forest as backdrop.”seychelles-anse-takamaka (3)

I could spend the entire day here. The name of the beach gave me an exotic tropical feeling, a powerful boost of courage, like I was the chief of the sea: Anse Takamaka!
seychelles-anse-takamaka (5)

 Discover Seychelles!mahemap2  Mahé Island Tour 8 Grand Anse
1 Savoy Hotel pick-up 9 Pineapple Studio
2 Victoria 10 Anse Takamaka
3 Turtle Farm 11 Anse Intendance
4 The Viewpoint 12 Kaz Kreol Restaurant
5 Venn’s Town 13 Fairyland
6 Tea Factory 14 Eden Island
7 Port Launay Marine Park 15 Machabee

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