Mahé Island Tour: The Viewpoint

a living museum of natural history and a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora & fauna.

Along the way, our guide pointed out vegetation that made the Island naturally rich.

seychelles-viewpoint (2)

The Coco-de-mer (left) is an erotically-shaped double nut, known to be the largest seed in the world. I also learned that the Vanilla flavor of my ice-cream came from orchids (right) that grew up trees.

seychelles-viewpoint (3)

“From the smallest frog to the heaviest land tortoise and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles nurtures an amazing array of endemic species within surrounds of exceptional natural beauty.”seychelles-viewpoint (4)

Stenio and his favorite guava tree!seychelles-viewpoint (5)

seychelles-viewpoint (6)

The sea, the dam and the mountains, all in one frame.
seychelles-viewpoint (7) seychelles-viewpoint (8)

I was born in a valley and my childhood was surrounded by the mountains. Then I grew up and fell in love with the ocean. I love Seychelles because all scapes are within reach of each other in just a few minutes.

seychelles-viewpoint (9)

I can hike and swim or climb and dive in just one day!

 Discover Seychelles!mahemap2  Mahé Island Tour 8 Grand Anse
1 Savoy Hotel pick-up 9 Pineapple Studio
2 Victoria 10 Anse Takamaka
3 Turtle Farm 11 Anse Intendance
4 The Viewpoint 12 Kaz Kreol Restaurant
5 Venn’s Town 13 Fairyland
6 Tea Factory 14 Eden Island
7 Port Launay Marine Park 15 Machabee

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