Mahé Island Tour: Kaz Kreol Restaurant

  KAZ KREOL MEANS ‘Creole House’. IT’S A feet-in-the-sand pizzeria, right on the beach OF Anse Royale.

Seychelles-kaz-kreol (2)

Seychelles-kaz-kreol (5)“A casual atmosphere and a ramshackle charm is great for the indecisive – the menu strikes a good balance between seafood, wood-fired pizzas and meat, not to mention a wide choice of Chinese specialties.”
Seychelles-kaz-kreol (4)

“There is live music twice a week, on Saturday night & Sunday lunch time.”

The moment I sat down I knew our order was going to take some time. There was a sense of happy laziness in the place. It felt like rushing was a crime and any kind of tardiness is forgivable.
Seychelles-kaz-kreol (7) Food was quite expensive but it was ok. Support the local industry!
Seychelles-kaz-kreol (9)

It was relaxing listening to the live band play happy mellow songs that blended with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Seychelles-kaz-kreol (8)

The corporate rat race has gotten the best of me. Years ago, fresh from college, I was excited by the possibilities before me. Now, all I can think of is living a life of no rush, no deadlines, no meetings, no bosses and eating octopus curry everyday.

One day soon.

Seychelles-kaz-kreol (10)

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