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What he says when he wants to bring his turtle to church.

What she says when she wants to join a grown-up party.

Why she wants to be in a public school

What's your honor?

When asked what's his favorite subject in school.

The most creative way to ask ''are you pregnant?''

He wants to know how many sleeps before his Aunt comes home

Her Grandma's rules have extended all the way to Abu Dhabi

The only kid wearing national costume with Dora pearls

When she knows she's in trouble...

When his Aunt missed her flight home

Wondering why her Aunt is always inside the computer

Reading her Bible all by herself

When he found his Grandma crying in Grandpa's grave

She comes home from school crying so hard one day

Genuinely Convinced Grandpa is Hers

No loitering by the fridge

7 thoughts on “Blogmentaries

  1. ang ku cute nila! iniisip ko kung ako lang ba ang nagagandahan sa kanila or dahil mga anak ko sila kaya nagagandahan ako sa kanila. nung dalawa palang sila (sam n zion) sabi ko “ok na 2 anak, ayoko na”, sabi ni nay cynia “wag! sayang ang lahi natin ang gaganda ng mga apo ko! dagdagan mu pa ng dalawa, masaya ang marami”! MASAYA NGA!^_^.


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