CALAGUAS: Welcome to the Island

April 2016 | Part 3


We sailed past beautiful islands for almost 2 hours.


We finally arrived!


We hopped off the boat right into crystal clear waters.


We arrived just before lunch time. The sun was in full blast and the sky was immaculate.

The many shades of blue blended into the quiet sea.

calaguas-island (6)

The sand was fine and chalky white, just as other travelers claimed.

calaguas-island (12)

I haven’t traveled much within the Philippines but this was the most pristine beach in the country that I’ve seen so far. Yes, better than Boracay’s sand.



So peaceful! Until the big noisy group arrived. 😦


We were greeted by the staff of Waling-Waling who led us to our home for the next 4 days.


calaguas-island (4)


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