Calaguas: Kayaking

3 April 2016 | Part 6

calaguas-kayak (2)

I love the sea but I’m scared of the waves. I have the wildest imagination, you won’t believe what my mind sees in there.

Try leaving me alone in the water and in a second you’ll see me running out with arms flapping.

Our hometown is in a valley and we are natives of a mountain so being in a beach is a big treat for us. I wanted my sister to enjoy the waves and explore the great sea under.

We rented a kayak and planned to paddle all the way to the small rocky island, a few kilometers away from the resort.

calaguas-kayak (18)

We weren’t even halfway through when I felt my heart beating harder at each wave crashing against our boat. I started seeing flying piranhas, swimming hyenas and sharkigators!

I quickly instructed my sister to row the boat back to shore.


I felt sad for her. It was her first time to do kayaking and her panicky sister cut it short. To make up for my cowardice, I enlisted a third-party help. I made arrangements with 2 local kids to guide us through the waves.

Round 2!


After huffing, puffing and paddling, we did make it to our destination. The mini island was entirely rocks. The waves were strongly hitting against it and there was no place to tie our boat.

The kids volunteered to keep it from drifting away while my sister and I tried snorkeling.


She was so excited and there I was trembling at the sound of the crashing waves.


calaguas-kayak (32)

It wasn’t that spectacular under 😦

We could have explored more of the area but I was too scared. I kept on pulling my sister back whenever she drifted an inch away.


After spotting 1 starfish, I was done for the day.


I can see my sister enjoying her swim but I have reached my maximum tolerance. If I drown, I’m sure these kids couldn’t drag my body afloat. And I didn’t want them to see me burst into frightful tears. What a baby!

calaguas-kayaking (2)

I guess, if we had an adult or a proper guide with us, I would have felt more at ease.


She was all smiles!


I was dead on arrival.


I wish my sister remembers this day when I took courage and brought her to the middle of the sea. I wish one day she becomes rich and buys me a yacht so I won’t have to deal with tiny boats anymore.


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