Calaguas: The Rocks

4 April 2016 | Part 7

calaguas-island (1)

We woke up before sunrise to enjoy our last day in Calaguas. I would totally miss waking up to this view every morning.calaguas-island (3)

Though the beach is a long stretch of white sand, on both ends are rocky formations.


We went beyond the rocks and discovered hidden beaches that were so peaceful.


It was the ideal setting for a quiet swim.

calaguas-island (10)

Me, trying not to think of sharks…

calaguas-island (9)

We waited for the sun to rise and burn us but it didn’t come. The rocky mountain was the perfect shade.


This day we brought along kuya Jinggoy, one of Waling-Waling’s staff.

calaguas-island (11)

He went under water and took some photos for us. Click to enlarge.

calaguas-island (15)

While my sister was swimming and jumping here and there, I savored my time alone.

calaguas-island (12)

I spied another beach away from us. It was so tempting to get myself stranded in there.

calaguas-island (13)

But reality was calling me back – back to the life of a responsible adult. Soon I’d be back in the city and few more days later would be back in the desert.


Ahhh, how fast time flies. I wish I could have been a child forever.

calaguas-island (2)




calaguas-island (16)

“I spent my whole childhood wishing I were older
and now I’m spending my adulthood wishing I were younger.”

– Ricky Schroder


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10 thoughts on “Calaguas: The Rocks

  1. Violet! I SOOOO enjoyed reading your Calaguas Adventure!!! I am sure your sister would forever cherish this special TIME TOGETHER with her Ate!!! I plan to invite my nephew Jed to explore this beautiful place – thanks to your sharing! BTW, I don’t think we have sharks around haha 🙂 Do send me an email update soon! Much love, Ate Jolly


    1. Ate, go, it’s an awesome place! If you just want peace and quiet (less party & noise compared to Bora)…

      I’ll send you a message now 🙂 Missing you!


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