Calaguas: The Departure

April 2016 | Part 11

calaguas-bus (14)

Today we say goodbye to this island.


We got up early in the morning for a sunrise swim behind the rocks.

calaguas-island (14)

After a long pleasant swim, we got back to a fulfilling brunch. Since we weren’t part of a big group, Waling-Waling resort served our food when it was convenient for us. They were very flexible so we didn’t have to rush here and there just to make it for meal time. That is guest service at its best!


We then packed our bags and said goodbye to all the staff who became our friends. We rode one of the small boats and arrived at Paracale Port after 2 hours.

Opposite the port was a little restaurant that had a paid-toilet for you to clean up. Warning: it’s just a basic seaside toilet. Do not expect a comfortable experience.

calaguas-bus (3)

We took a tricycle to the van that goes from Paracale to Daet.


The kuyas were very kind and our driver even went the extra mile to drop us directly at our bus station.


The bus stations for DLTB and Superlines were just opposite each other. We already rode Superlines coming from Manila so we decided to take DLTB this time.
calaguas-bus (6)Excited to try their lazyboy bus.

calaguas-bus (7)

We had 3 more hours before departure so we walked a short distance from the station and found this place…


Food wasn’t great but the staff were warm and considerate. They allowed us to charge our phones, move tables and order one food at a time until our departure.


When we got inside DLTB’s lazyboy bus, the first thing I noticed was how old and tired the chairs were. The aisle was narrow and the toilet wasn’t guest-friendly. Yes, the bus had more leg room compared to the ordinary buses but still, I wasn’t too impressed.

My sister and I were seated at the back row and we were able to stretch our legs further. I couldn’t sleep the whole night though because the chair wasn’t comfortable enough for me. I could also feel my seatmate’s elbow or arm at every curve.calaguas-dltbIt’s funny how this never bothered me before. My college days were full of bus rides going home to the province and I could even sleep while standing up in a full bus. I guess this is what happens when you work for and fly with a world-class airline.

If I had a genie, I’d wish for the Philippine provinces to be connected by a sophisticated train system.

calaguas-bus (11)

Just a few hours ago, we said goodbye to paradise. Now we were seated on a bus that would bring us back to Manila.

The whole point of the trip was to bond with my younger sister. For our 5 days together, I was able to see how inquisitive, adventurous and caring she is. Sometimes I worry about her and how she’d fit into this big crazy world. But I always remember this verse: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


If you have younger siblings, instead of gifting them with gadgets or goods, take them on a trip or a day off with you. You’ll be surprised at the many things you’ll learn together along the way.

DCIM100GOPROG0442081.Hello, reality. Did you miss us?


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