Calaguas: Camping

April 2016 | Part 9

calaguas (1)

Group camping and tour packages are the most popular ways of discovering Calaguas. These are recommended for those who love travelling with other people at the lowest possible cost.

Here are a few photos of what are available for you in the island…

calaguas (2)Camping sites with cabanas for rent…
calaguas (3)

Private cabanas…



During public holidays and on weekends, the camp sites can get too crowded.

calaguas (6)

That includes the waters too…


We didn’t camp during our stay in Calaguas, so I can’t really give you a proper review. I’ve heard some good and bad sides to these packages. Some groups had good experiences but some went home disappointed mostly because they weren’t provided with proper toilet facilities.

calaguas (10)

Just make sure you do your research when choosing a tour company.

calaguas (7)

Travel with the right group of people and bring along an enthusiastic disposition and you’ll definitely enjoy your trip, whatever the circumstances are.


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