Calaguas: The Night Life

April 2016 | Part 10


“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”
– Vincent Van Gogh


Calaguas at night is dark and quiet.


On weekends or public holidays, there would be a few parties and loud music here and there but not as crazy-noisy as Boracay.


Once the sun sets the island sleeps.


On these silent nights, I was able to finish a book, write my journals, reflect and set new goals in life.

calaguas-beach-night (9)

The peaceful nights allowed me to withdraw from the noises outside and inside me. I embraced the stillness and disengaged from my inner compulsions and expectations of others.

In silence, the sky showed me all her colors and I became more thankful for the kaleidoscope of pain and triumphs I have gone through.


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